This is an article which discusses the Asus G1 it will allow the reader to get a better understanding of the product features

The Asus G1 is packed full of gaming features that will be suitable for the avid gamer looking for a notebook at an affordable price

Usually portable gaming systems are typically rather bulky which can be less than ideal for gamers on the go. Acer has produced an extremely portable notebook with a great 15.4″ screen and a unique design to set it apart from the average notebook. Other high-end gaming notebooks are bulkier with 17″ screens and will set you back about $3000,Guest Posting while the Asus G1s is mid-sized and very reasonably priced at $1,799.

The G1s has many unique physical features with an overall attractive design. Measuring 14 inches wide, 11.2 inches deep, and 1.6 inches high, the physical measurements and 15.4-inch screen are pretty standard for any laptop however, the weight edges into the desktop replacement category weighing in at 7 pounds. Most laptops fall around 6 pounds making the G1s slightly heavier than a mid-sized laptop.

The Asus G1s laptops offer a unique design, which attracts people dvmoviemaking with its dashing looks alone. The chassis appears to be colored in a basic-black look but when examining closely a crosshatch pattern is revealed which adds some extra personality. There are metal rivets in the lid on the hinges adding an industrial look and bright green accents on the sides of the lid for some extra flavor. Between the mouse button sits a plastic eyeball logo colored in bright green, which is illuminated by a glowing green light.

The W, A, S and D keys (the main control keys for most PC games)are highlighted green which enhances the users experience. The 15.4-inch LCD display offers a 1,280×80 native resolution, which is, expected from a display this size while the 17″ gaming laptops they offer a higher native resolution (1,440×900). ASUS’s Splendid Video Intelligence Technology integrates different multimedia data sources to reduce noise and conversion rate for a vivid display. This technology guarantees beautiful vivid images with excellent contrast, skin tone and color saturation for any video application. The Game and Night View Modes provide additional gaming features which enhance the image details of the picture. The 15.4″ screen lacks some of the resolution in comparison to the 17″ models, which might prevent someone from playing certain high-end games at higher resolutions.